Design Alchemy, established in 2010, is a leading contemporary metal design studio based in Delhi. Our aesthetics make contemporary allusions to traditional Indian methods of metal working. Nature and all its organic elements around us is what inspires the visual content and it manifests itself in a language easily understood.

Our business purely depends on referral marketing and successfully shares a long-standing relationship with the best in the hospitality business, leading corporate entities, high-end private houses and apartments. We exclusively collaborate with architects, Interior designers, landscape architects and individual clients to create and co-create spaces, water bodies, main gates, sculptural features, art installations, bespoke furniture and exclusive table top items

The Process

All our creations are made in Brass or Bronze using  techniques like the traditional Indian Sand casting or using lost wax casting. These techniques use a negative form in which molten metal is poured. An initial sculpture in wax, clay or other such materials is used to create a mold. The metal has to be heated to upto a 1000°C and brought to a liquid state to get it ready for the pour. After the final stage of chisiling away the outer core, the metal is ready to recieve finishing touches and finally patinated.

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